Fog, Dewdrops and  Spiderwebs .... Autumnweather. I hope you like these beautiful autumn pictures I've taken this morning. I am really sorry that I haven't been posting for soo long. I'm trying to post more often in October :) The next post which is coming will be a "Autmn Decortaion" post.


  1. Ich hasse Spinnen wirklich über alles, aber die Bilder sind total schön:) Schon faszinierend, solche Spinnennetze:)
    love, B von missbeblog.blogspot.com

  2. So, you're writing in english today, so I'm also gonna say what I want to in english. Thank you for this opportunity, I'm kinda afraid of doing that on my blog. But let me tell you something about your pictures. Be proud of them, they're fantastic!
    Have a nice day! Pekanali


    1. Thank you so much !
      I think it would be great if you would write an English Post too :) Don't be afraid ! It will turn out to be awesome !

      Greetings Ey ♥


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